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    “The golf course brought us together, but the laughter on the fairway made us friends.”
    Owners, Bre Byrne & Corien Doughty

    Dreamed up on a golf course in beautiful Barbados by two friends, Bump & Run Apparel began as athleisure apparel for a lifestyle that includes golf. Its two owners took up golf later in life and instantly fell in love with the game. With both women also active in other sports and activities, they realized they needed clothes that would allow them to move from the golf course to school drop-off, meetings, and evening cocktails, all while looking stylish. The company started with the mission to encourage and inspire more women to play more golf. 

    As its clothing line and lifestyle blog have grown over the past two years, Bump & Run strives to motivate women to embrace golf and realize the amazing rewards it has to offer. But its journey continues. 

    Inspired by their friends and colleagues - executives, wives, moms, athletes, expats, jet-setters - Bump & Run embraces all goals, dreams, and achievements in life. Clothing designed to make a woman feel confident and effortlessly chic, it focuses on five features & benefits: versatile, well-made, quality, comfortable, and timeless.

    Why fall in love with Bump & Run? Fashion has a way of motivating and inspiring confidence in women. Their brand has become its own fashion trend, building up women, allowing them to seamlessly transition from one activity to the next, and saying it’s okay to the be the best-dressed one in the crowd.

    Read more about its Features & Benefits.